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Twitter Giveaway Bot

Reward engagement the right way

Hashtags and Loot

Our bot focuses on promoting hashtags, not specific tweets. Loot is dropped on tweets using your custom hashtag. Loot is claimed by liking tweets with your custom hashtag.

Make your giveaway engagement more dynamic and natural.

Customized Loot

Give away anything you want on our system. NFTs, cash, tickets, bad life advice ...

Twitter Campaign Description


Customize your giveaway to target exposure goals. Dial in the chance based drop system to fit your community.

  • Should loot drop on 1 in 100 tweets or 1 in 1000?
  • How long should your giveaway last?
  • How many items are you giving away?
Twitter Campaign Chance

Manage Exposure

Set exposure goals by configuring loot to only drop under specific conditions. Requiring tweets to be replies or contain a minimum number of user tags lets you establish thresholds to meet before your items are given away.

Twitter Campaign Exposure

Reward Active Members

Weight the system in favor of those who give back. Target total tweets or distinct user tags when considering who wins the loot.

Your community members are promoting YOU. Reward those who give back.

Twitter Campaign Claim

Simple Random Select

A single tweet can get thousands of likes. Which user wins though? Use this option to do a random selection.

Weighted on Tweet Count

The more any specific user tweets, the higher chance they have at winning loot when put up against thousands of others playing your game!

Simple Random Select

More user tags means a higher chance of winning. Use this option to reward users who drive your exposure.

Notify Winners

Let your winners know in Twitter or Discord when they've won! In both, you can let the system tag the person so they don't miss their reward.

Twitter Campaign Notifications


Have a backend system that needs to process the reward? Set up webhooks! We'll send out a message to your server with all the details.

Track Progress

Check in on the performance of your hashtag with and without giveaway campaigns.

What time of day or day of the week do you see most of your traffic?

Twitter Hashtag Performance Chart

Start Competitions

Tap into the competitive spirit of your community with hashtag faceoffs! The more your hashtag is used, the more points your team gets. Can your community win? Find out!

Get more out of Twitter with our hashtag giveaway bot!

Set up Twitter

You currently need to be whitelisted to perform this action. If you believe you were whitelisted on Twitter, go to your user page to finalize the whitelisting.

If you haven't been whitelisted yet, don't worry! More spots are on the way on Twitter.

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Connecting your Wallet

This step enables READ ONLY access to the contents of your wallet. Any further actions or permissions will require a signature request. You can disconnect your wallet at any time using the disconnect feature in your wallet.

Your Referral Link

Refer your friends and earn cash!
$5 if they start a loot campaign with a custom hashtag.
$20 if they buy one of our NFTs!
limit 5 per account
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