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Alternate Reality Game

Available in Discord

You are launched into a deadly multiverse. Every encounter could be your last! Maybe you'll stub your toe or be abducted by aliens. Or you might find a truly delicious sandwich! Your fate will decide.
Spawnin Slash Command
Spawn in as a random character. Some characters have higher skills than others!
Walk around in the metaverse. Sometimes you find stuff. Other times you have very dangerous encounters!

You have a fairly high chance of dying. If you do, no worries! Just spawn in again and keep walking.
Walk Slash Command
Backpack Slash Command
Collect items in your backpack. Build XP and earn cash to access purchasable items.

Some items help you through the game. Others get you to the GRAND PRIZE!

Exclusive Features

Available in Twitter as #ChupagoatARG

Allow your Twitter followers to continue playing the Chupagoat ARG right in Twitter with hashtags, replies, and retweets! Keep the fun going while driving engagement and outreach.
A custom Twitter hashtag runs the walk command. Incentivize your followers to use your hashtag by connecting it to gameplay!
Twitter Hashtag Walk
Twitter Chupagoat Response
Chupagoat responds to every use of your hashtag with the same output in Discord.
Twitter Loot Boxes

Add something a little extra to tweets with your hashtag! Loot boxes allow you to automate Twitter giveaways.

Configure a wide range of items to giveaway:

  • In-game stuff like Totally Legal Tender or game items
  • Whitelist spots
  • Any other custom item like an NFT or a pair of really cool shoes!

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Your Referral Link

Refer your friends and earn cash!
$5 if they start a loot campaign with a custom hashtag.
$20 if they buy one of our NFTs!
limit 5 per account
Connect and sign in to get a referral link!