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Why Cipher Mountain?

We've started with utility first!

Out of the starting gate we're offering a Twitter/Discord bot that both provides a fun game for your followers AND streamlines giveaways.

Install our Discord bot for free! Or get started with Twitter giveaways; requiring only a spot on our whitelist.

Discord Bot
Twitter Bot

The Goats, the tokens, the path

Our NFTs are the foundation on which we build ownership, access, and the Cipher Mountain ecosystem.

We are not only innovating with web3 products. We are also innovating how people interact with a company. Our tokenomics provides a balance of ownership, who is involved in decisions, and how.

The DAO is an investment machine instead of a simple holding. It offers scaling and expansion paired with interaction and control. This is not a stock. This is Cipher Mountain!

7 Goat Levels

Stake, earn, level up, split, earn more. Expand your investment by earning rewards from staking.

$CMTN Tokens

Stake your Goats to earn $CMTN. Use $CMTN in our growing ecosystem of products.


Use $DMTN to level up and split Goats. Vote on community decisions with $DMTN.

Owning a Goat gives you access to exclusive benefits in the entire ecosystem of Cipher Mountain.

Purchasing a Goat at mint costs 0.06 ETH. The pre-sale price is 0.06 ETH.

Level based staking ensures that higher levels earn more rewards. $CMTN is the utility token and $DMTN is the DAO coin.

The Goat minting contract is based on the ERC-721 standard on the Ethereum blockchain. All image assets are stored on IPFS.

goat nft preview
goat at the beach
Many outfits, much fun!
Goats levels 1-6 are indicated by their shirt, if they have one. Level 7 Goats are stamped with a bunny signature.

Numerous features make each Goat unique with many more to come!

DAO Assets

The DAO will purchase blue chip assets to store in the DAO Vault. The DAO will make decisions on when and what to sell. Decision making will be determined using $DMTN tokens. All proceeds from a sale will be added to the DAO Vault. This process is to augment products in building backing capital.

DAO Development

The Cipher Mountain ecosystem of products will be determined by the DAO. DAO tokens can be 'vested' into system improvements as an offer for development. Members and non-members can accept offers or make bids of their own. Final launch of improvements or additions will be voted on using unvested DAO tokens.

Staking Rewards

Our staking program allows you to grow your portfolio over time! Stake your Goats. Earn coin. Level them up to the MAX and split! Once a Goat is split, the resulting Goats can be further staked and leveled.

staking rules flow chart
The Cipher Mountain Story

Starting with our Chupagoat Discord game, we quickly expanded our utility into Twitter gaming and giveaways. We aim to provide products that help community leaders manage and grow both their followers and the tech they wish to produce. Our focus is on the foundational items such as giveaway automation, airdrops, tickets and VIP passes, NFT verification tools, and where ever else our ambitions take us!

Not only do we want to build for our community. We want to BE our community. As a DAO, we aim to grow together. The NFT is meant to be the starting point of expansion and ownership. That's why our staking protocol creates more NFTs! As the community expands, so does ownership. There will always be opportunity in Cipher Mountain!

NFT Sellout

As we hit sales goals for our initial NFT launch, we'll be paying it forward! Use the slider above to check out our sellout plan.

Cipher Mountain roadmap

Frequently Asked Questions

At mint there are 2000 Goats available. More will be created through the leveling and splitting process over time.
The public sale price to mint is 0.06 ETH. A special pre-sale price will be 0.06 ETH available only to whitelisted addresses.
There are only 200 whitelist slots and will be made available via Twitter and Discord. The whitelist allows access to the pre-sale with a special pre-sale price.
The pre-sale date is May 3rd 2022 and pre-sale availability will be determined by a whitelist with a special mint price of 0.06 ETH. The public sale will begin on May 4th 2022 and will be available for anyone to mint.
The staking contract rewards holders of Goat NFTs. Earn $CMTN to buy things in the Cipher Mountain ecosystem. Earn $DMTN to get active in the DAO. Use $DMTN to level up or split your staked Goats, increasing your yield.
The Cipher Mountain ecosystem is constantly expanding. As a starting point, we have developed a bot called Chupagoat. This bot runs a game in both Discord and Twitter. Chupagoat is also responsible for automating giveaways.

The DAO is a way to provide decision making capabilities to the community and collectively reap the rewards. Assets will be collected and held by the DAO and all proceeds from asset sales will go back to the DAO.

(c) 2022 Cipher Mountain LLC

Connecting your Wallet

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